Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen

My new book. Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen is available.  If you have been with me before, you will know that I published my previous blog as a book of the same name. ChangesTheBook is now available in print and on Kindle. This blog will have the name of the published work, Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen – A Cookbook For Every Man, formerly entitled “Some Men Can Cook, Some Men Can Watch TV, Some Men Can Do Both – Secrets of the Fighter Pilot In The Kitchen.”

I am going to publish some excerpts that I hope you will comment on, and will also offer up some of my special recipes. I hope that you will offer some of your own recipes. If they are accepted, I will publish them and credit you… So, lets get started.PhilBrewer_Ebook Popzebook (ebook)_cover 2


2 thoughts on “Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen

  1. Phillip my daughters request for her birthday was a sahauro sub and a cake from Trost bakery, just like the old days when you both were in business here in Tucson. I told her she is not 15 anymore and since we can’t go back in time it would be impossible! I have twin girls and they both enjoyed many of your sub sandwiches in their teens. They are now going to be 46 this July 13. So i will be attempting to make them a sahauro sub with your recipe. You may remember me, I managed a girls softball team that you sponsored. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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