ChangesTheBook Chapter 8

The first McDonald’s had appeared in the sixties and you could get a fries, coke and burger for 45 cents. There was no drive through. They had not yet been invented. That came along in the 70’s when the military was so unpopular that the military troops could not leave their car or home in their uniforms. So, the enterprising Mickey D in Sierra Vista, Arizona installed a window to pass out the orders. What kind of transformation in society did that bring?

We had in the sixties car hops and covered areas for ordering our food. These hang outs were a normal stop on a Friday night cruising the drag session. If there was a football game, this area might also be the best place to meet and exchange insults and throw a few punches. We had things then known as burger wars. They gave way to gas wars. This was where the competing shops and stations would put up the cost of gas, drop a penny etc, until finally, they hit bottom. The lowest I ever saw was 11 cents.

So you can imagine that when the 73 oil embargo courtesy of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) began, what a huge crisis this turned into.

Gas actually had the audacity then to go to 50 cents per gallon. No one could fathom how you could survive or exist. We had just moved into an era where the women learned to drive almost as young as men. And many wives and mothers began to itch for the freedom of a second car.

This was the 70’s. for sure, it had begun in the sixties, but still, a second car in the family was a big thing. It also had the impact of making it a necessary part of every family to have two cars.


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