Where were you this day in History?  Please offer your comments in this blog.  I remember my son calling me to ask if I had heard of the events.  That was my first notice.

Later that day, it struck me how incredibly friendly, generous and supportive we all had become in our daily lives.  I saw random acts of kindness and generosity, that I have never seen before or since.

It seemed to me that we had instantly transformed ourselves as a community of strangers, to being kinder, more thoughtful, and well, almost Christ like, in our dealings.  Sadly, this didn’t last long, but while it did, it was a remarkable memory, even today…

Too bad it took that kind of event to show us how we could act towards each other.  Maybe this is a good day to reflect on being more generous in all we do.  After all, we can only truly have an effect on our society and community by focusing on being ourselves improved.


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