ChangesTheBook Chapter 26

One day, even though I am a man, I had stopped and asked for directions. I hate being unsure or lost, so I never mind asking. But this particular time, I wish I hadn’t. You ever have one of those times?  You ask and immediately, after a long, very pregnant pause, the messenger begins with something like, “Well…….”

And before he utters another word, you are tied in and stuck. Sure you could walk away. I mean you physically could. But you know you won’t. You are trapped. Totally. He’s talking about what you are going to see, all kinds of superfluous detail, turns, and you know.

You have no idea what he is saying is important to the prize or not. You need to begin writing it down, and are starting to fog over and zone out, when he interrupts himself and begins to reconsider.

This is going down hill fast. I heard a guy once sing a song about a sign. You really wish he had a sign on that says something like, Don’t ask me for directions  –  Cause you can get there, but you best not start from here.

Nowadays, you have navigation systems, sat-nav and GPS. Spoils all the fun of being lost. This is a great invention. Really can’t imagine how I got along without one. Especially traveling in a country like England.

You can just shoot off down a road, that has nothing to do with where you are going. It just looks like a route you need to check out. And you can’t get lost. Better yet, your companion isn’t going to be yelling at you for taking a wrong turn.  There is no such thing as a wrong turn.

It is the ultimate cool device to always be cool. Just type in the post code, or whatever your device uses, and you are on the way.

Best yet, the voice doesn’t ever yell at you. Ever. Just turn around when able. How can you beat that?


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