New Years Day 2011

How will your New Year be?  It isn’t entirely up to you, but it sure has a lot to do with how you think and where you put your self.  Watching the Rose Bowl Parade on TV reminds me how much the television coverage of events has changed.  Of course, for some of us, it was in black and white, versus color.  Now, you can see it in HD, with stereo and many fabulous angles of cameras etc.  The football games will be the same.  Now we are seeing commercial business names for the bowls, and there are so many more…

Hope you have the kind of year you dream about.  Thank you for visiting this site and for recommending it to your network.  We are almost finished with the ChangesTheBook entries, which will then be collected and collated in published format.  Please continue to check back as the final chapters are released.  pb


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