Prologue #7

Today, we have entered a land of instant meals and microwave dishes. Most of what is offered, while tasty is incredibly addictive and deadly. While we wash our hands and are continuously obsessed with cleanliness, we poison ourselves with preservatives, additives and chemicals. It is an absurdity that is lost on me.

Watching ‘old’ people age without dignity in a world of food pollution and drugs, I marvel at the simplicity of eating on the cheap and healthy at the same time. Why so many people poison themselves with garbage food, eating the equivalent of nuclear waste is really the ultimate in idiocy. So, much of the advice I will pass here is geared to fun, economy, romance and health.

The other thing I know is that there are many ‘real’ men who feel inhibited to go into the domain of a woman. Not wanting to demean the creative nature of the woman in the kitchen, I will say that women should be comfortable and happy to have a man share that domain on occasion.


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