One of the most fun and romantic meals of the day is breakfast.  Served on the patio, at the dining room table, or best yet, in bed.  I guess it depends a lot on whether or not you have time to enjoy dessert as well as to where you might want to prepare this meal.  

If you are alone, (what a shame), then for me, the patio is my favorite.  Doing breakfast as a proper sit down meal is an absolute turn on.  The basic choices are so simple, and yet, they have so much variety.  The traditional big “English” breakfast all the way to a simple bowl of cold cereal or toast. 

Breakfast in Bed.  Now that conjures up some amazing images and times.    It is so easy to do.  Whatever you fix, add linen napkins and a flower.  Or a small chocolate. If you have a tray, bring it in on a tray all at once so you can start and finish together.  (No TV)  Just talk.. and then…

 No matter which one you choose, it is of course, supposed to be the most important meal of the day.  I don’t know if I agree, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make it wonderful.

 Some basic menu ideas follow: 

  • Old fashioned Omelette breakfast
  • Old fashioned Oatmeal breakfast
  • Fruit & toast
  • Cold cereal with whole organic milk.  Try adding slice fresh banana or strawberry.  As a fun change, use full fat yogurt instead of milk.  Sweeten with honey as desired.
  • Eggs and meat with or without potatoes
  • Mediterranean breakfast.  (Especially nice for a romantic change of pace.)
  • Fruit & granola shake.
  • Southern breakfast with cheese grits added.



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