Christ is Born! – Glorify Him!


The post today, in honor of our Lord and Savior’s birth is taken from postings of  “Orthodox Agape” by Papa Demetri.

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!
May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – “the newborn Child the God before time” – fill the ‘cave’ of your precious soul with the “peace that surpasses all understanding”, the “hope that does not put to shame”, the joy that “no one can take away” and His limitless, never-ending and unconditional love!

“Great is this day above all days, for in it came forth mercy to sinners.  A store of medicines is this, Thy great day, because on it shone forth the Medicine of Life to the wounded!  A treasure of helpful graces is this day, for … on it Light gleamed forth upon our blindness!  Yea, it also brought a sheaf unto us; and it came, that from it might flow plenty upon our hunger. This day is that forerunning Cluster, in which…

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