Thank you!!

Thanks my dear friends for praying for us and helping us all get through the great year, 2020, just gone by.!!

I do have to say, I resent hearing some say how bad 2020 was and how much better it is going to be in 2021.  There are lots of reasons to think that 2021, for the general world and US population may be significantly worse!!  Be that as it may, the year we just had and the year ahead is up to you.  No matter how good or bad external things are to you or your family, we each have the opportunity to make each day and year the best ever!!

If you are not sure how to do that, simply start each day with a simple prayer.  The one I say is, “Lord Jesus Christ, Have mercy on me a sinner.” And then, I thank the Lord for each day, and each person in my life, especially, my wife.

I am grateful for the Church and the Church community that my wife and are part of.  It is a significant part of our lives.  I am thankful for my community, and my neighbors.  Of course, my job is a great resource for me, and I know that for some of my friends, their incomes were significantly impacted this past year.  I am sympathetic, because, I have been there!!  But, grab your life and enjoy every minute of it!!
And, again, let it be known, I appreciate you and thank you for being part of my life.


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