From www.history.com …”General Douglas MacArthur and other top military commanders favored continuing the conventional bombing of Japan already in effect and following up with a massive invasion, codenamed “Operation Downfall.” They advised Truman that such an invasion would result in U.S. casualties of up to 1 million….” As a USAF Viet Nam era pilot, son of a USAF Chaplain, … More Apologize?

My Land

Saguaro cacti stand proudly through the valley as signposts to a unique land. They refuse to stand post for any other lord, so loyal are they to their royal mountain home. The falling sun casts hue… Source: My Land

Its Popze Time

Originally posted on Popze IcePopIt from FPK:
We enjoy the treat of a wholesome Popze IcePopIt  dessert year round.  But, especially this time of year, it is a great snack or dessert.  So much fun to experiment making a non sugary dessert for you or the kids.  Just mix up whatever you have in fruit,…