About Phil

As a person of reflection, I have determined to share some of the many experiences of my life that correlate with the changes in our lives as we move through the years.  I grew up in a loving Christain family of four kids.  We moved at least every three years, and until leaving the USAF in 1980, I continued that trend.  Now my moving has taken place about that often, but within the confines of the surrounding Tucson, AZ area.

Major careers include, professional pilot, both USAF and civil.  Business owner, retail, wholesale and direct marketing.  Sales, career counseling and coaching, including public speaking and writing.

For more titles and coming soon notices, visit, www.PhilBrewer.com

From Amazon Author Site:

“Phil Brewer was born in Arkansas, then moved 8 times before graduating High School in Great Falls Montana. He attended college at Southwest Texas State in San Marcos and then Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, where he earned a degree in History and Aerospace Studies.

His degree was earned attending under a full paid scholarship which resulted in him being commissioned a Second Lieutenant, USAF. Heavily influenced by his chaplain (USAF) Father and then the Viet Nam war, Phil’s service in the USAF was as a pilot, gaining experience flying single seat aircraft, the A7 and A10.

Career moves included entrepreneurial experience owning and operating a 9 store restaurant chain; President of an international Orthodox Christian Charity and bookshop chain; defense contractor for the Saudi Air Force; direct marketing business and international airline captain.

He has extensive experience as a speaker, coach and now author, detailing his varied experiences in a fun and lively manner.

Additionally, he has a very strong presence online with his business selling physical products related to his love of the kitchen and cooking. His successful kitchen guidebook, Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen shares the name of this company.

He and wife Monica live in the Middle East. He has a son and 3 grandchildren.”

Published works:

Effective Communications – A Fighter Pilot’s Guide

Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen – A Cookbook For Every Many

G Suit and Helmet Not Required – Four Secrets of Doing Business Like a Fighter Pilot

La Guia del Piloto de Combate Para los Negocios: 4 Secretos Para Ser Exitoso!!

Changes the Book A Remembrance of Sorts

a popzebook – from Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen


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