August 2010

Unbelievable!  As we go forward in this journey of ‘Changes” together, thinking of the past, it is hard to digest how quickly the present is passing!  Here it is, another month, and an opportunity to go forward with new goals, new dreams, new aspirations.

We travel through time so quickly, that sometimes, for me, I can’t believe how things change so fast.  Last week, I celebrated a remarkable event.  A new born, now 19, my niece was being married.  Her new husband was also recently a new born.  The very next day, the Priest who performed the wedding was out for a morning jog, when, at the age of 54, he had a heart attack and was gone.

So my message to you this day, as we start a new month, August, 2010, is to sieze your life and opportunities and make a difference in your present, soon past.


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