Changes of the abode kind

After just having finished a move, I reflected on the phenomenon of this excercise.  Some of the things that came to mind as I remember back, are the types of homes that now exist, the neigborhoods, and how we move.

Sometimes, I see people in their pickup trucks moving stuff around, and I think about what is going on in their lives.  Why are they moving?  Where to, and why today. Interesting to see this, and also to look at the calendar and make a correlation.  Their lease expired, they have changed partners, they are looking for a less expensive place.

What, if any, are your thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Changes of the abode kind

  1. I have heard that the average American family moves every 5 years. Having grown up in a family where my dad was constantly chasing his dream, I moved 10 times into different houses in 4 states, and 7 cities before I graduated from high school at 16. Because of that, I have always always been able to make friends easily, but recognize that it created a sense of being unsettled in the moment. A feeling I learned to identify later as being the instigator for many impulsive decisions as a young adult.

    As an almost middle ager (ugh) adult, I have lived in my current city for the last 15 years and have done my best to create a place called “home’ for my kids. They may not know how important a decision it is to have that stability, but they often thank us for their lifestyle. I find myself dreaming about a little place here and there, one on a lake, beach, or mountain retreat. I am not really cultivating those thoughts into reality for the moment and appreciate my husband who reminds me that, “Home is where your heart is.”

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