ChangesTheBook Chapter 27

Some people are very cool. They virtually never look at a map. If they aren’t driving, they feel that it is their responsibility to watch the road while you continue to drive and look at the map. I have even had passengers who were quite happy to let me unfold a map, hold the steering wheel between my knees and drive along with just a glance or two over the map to see where we were going.

I know that my parents loved each other. However, it was completely obvious they were willing to forget their vows on occasion, and lose their Christian witness when it came to navigating. This was before interstates. No kidding. There was a time when there were no major highways with signs telling you to go two states away. You can now, get on a road in California and go across the US without a map. But back then, well, there were all sorts of turns, and route numbers, and sometimes the numbers on the same highway would change, etc.



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