Thanksgiving 2010

A few words about a glorious American tradition.  We can become so sullied by all the hoopla of getting it right that we can begin to loose the real meaning of the wonderful event.  Two years in a row, I have had the chance to be without family during the Thanksgiving day.  Traditionally, this is a uniquely family event.  But due to the circumstances, I found great joy and meaning in going to Church and then staying at the Church to help feed the less fortunate with the Salvation Army.

Watching the hundred or so volunteers and the volunteer musical entertainment of kids, feed over 2500 people gave a new and special meaning to the day of Thanks.  I also realize how much being thankful as humans gives us joy and purpose.  I resolve to attempt to give thanks more often, everyday for the wonders of life that God has given me.   And even while chasing the illusory trappings of success, to be more mindful that the smallest things I give thanks for have the greatest significance.

Now, I give thanks for you, my reader, who has taken the time to share my thoughts.


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