ChangesTheBook Chapter 39

Change in general is such an interesting thing. There is no such thing as stagnant. Everything is always changing. Nothing is constant. Yet, sometimes it seems like there is absolutely no movement. Someone once said (they must have), there is nothing that is changing that is remaining the same. Or something like that.

We are in a world of very dramatic change. Technology is constantly changing everything. Its impact sociologically is probably the biggest change. Technology has allowed man to harness time and accomplish so much more in such a short period of time.

You now travel in hours what used to take years. Communication in weeks now is instantaneous. We accept this so blindly. Its just the way it is. No big deal. Yet, imagine all of it going away tomorrow. Imagine trying to live a life of a 19th century person. Or 18th. Or earlier. You simply can’t. You take too much for granted.

It is now a catastrophe if the lights go out even for a few minutes. A day, no way. Your cell phone doesn’t work and you can’t function. I know. I am that way. People say they are not into change. They want it to be the way it is. Yet, the way it is isn’t the way it was. What a hypocritical statement. Just having a heater in your home is a luxury that your forefathers a few hundred years ago didn’t enjoy. It was a daily task of considerable effort to bring in water. You had to brave the elements to go outside to the outhouse.


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