ChangesTheBook Chapter 40 The Final Chapter

Imagine someone coming and telling your grandparents (or earlier), that they were going to bring your outhouse in the house and stick it in your closet.

Now imagine someone coming to you and announcing they were going to move your toilet and bath out side 30 yards away!

Do you get my point? ChangesTheBook has just been a way to catalog some of the obvious changes.  It is designed to give future generations a chance to see how dramatic for us the changes have been.  How these experiences in our few short years have impacted us. As our grand kids will undoubtedly see the same kinds of cataclysmic changes, it is simply unimaginable how different life will continue to be.

It has been said that if all the knowledge in the world until now was represented by a dime, the amount of knowledge and change represented in the next generation similarly would be dimes stacked on top of each other reaching the height of the Washington Monument!

So when you can’t find your cell phone or your laptop is not working properly or you can’t get a signal for your wifi, just relax knowing life WILL go on…. knowing this human brain will continue to discover new inventions to make our life easier…or for some, to make our life more complex.  Why, because our brain is trying to “catch up” with the speed in which discoveries are made.

It causes us to question the origin of these complexities, and the human desire to change and grow, to learn and to discover new frontiers. Changes will continue to occur.  Our children with continue on this path of change, and their children will do the same. Hopefully for the good of mankind.

And….     Hopefully for the mere joy of exercising our God given ability to do just that…Change!!

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this short narrative on Changes.  It has been a real love affair to write.

ChangesTheBook will be available soon at Amazon for Kindle, and shortly thereafter in print version.  Please visit the website, to see other books published by the author.


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