Secrets of the Dining Area

If you have taken the time and trouble to fix yourself and your date a meal, then take time to properly enjoy it.  The best way to achieve this is to have an area set aside for the purpose.  Even if you are living in a small apartment and don’t have a proper table, you can still make a wonderful event at the coffee table.  


Just don’t bring the t.v.  The television is not conducive to the atmosphere of a meal.  If you grew up this way, it is time to change.  I find it increasingly hard to go out to dinner as more and more restaurants have succumbed to the need to put televisions in their dining areas.  The distraction is awful.  This is not a sports bar event.  It is a dining event.  Experiment with some non invasive dining music.


Plan on involving just a few elements of a five star restaurant and you will have the results as surely as if you went and spent $100 per person.  A table is best.  Use cloth, never paper napkins.  Employ ‘real’ metal utensils, plates that aren’t paper or plastic, same with glasses and cups.  Set your table to include a flower, salt & pepper and serving utensils if you are family style.  Again, music is wonderful and essential.  Keep it background and low.  And a lit candle will set off the whole 5 star event.  


Presentation of the meal is 95% of the event.  It really is fun to enjoy the food you have prepared in this manner.  I usually serve the meals as if in a restaurant.  I portion out the plate with the items.  If you have made two portions, attempt to serve it so that a person can show their appreciation with seconds. 


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