Other Essentials


  • Olive oil – there are myriads of choices.  Two that work well, an expensive salad style oil that you might like the flavor.  It should be an extra virgin organic style.  The discount stores like Costco sell a good basic oil.  The other would be for adding oil without too much flavor.  Also available at the Trader Jo’s and Whole Foods etc.  Other types of salad oils are available if you prefer.  They are fun to try and experiment in salads and as a dip for bread.  I am not an anti butter advocate.  I love it.  As long as it is an organic butter, I think it is great.  But nothing is as fun as simply dipping some good bread in an extra virgin olive oil with a bit of black pepper.
  • A good frying oil would be one that has a high smoke point.  Essentially, that means that when heated too high, an oil smokes.  When it does that, it is no good and can cause you harm if you consume it and anything you make with it.  Oils that are good for heat are Sesame, Avocado, Peanut and Palm.  They will all add their distinctive flavor to your food.  Avoid anything unnatural.  Especially an oil that is hydrogenated.  This stuff kills rats and people.
  • I really am disgusted with ketchup.  It is essentially nothing other than red sugar syrup.  It can be added to fresh horseradish and lemon juice for a very nice cocktail sauce, but other than that, I am against its use.  I am however addicted to a good quality mayonnaise.  There are many dishes that simply can’t be made correctly without its use.  There are substitutes, if you must, but, consider having some on hand unless its use just bothers you.
  • Apple cider vinegar.  I prefer Bragg’s.  It is an organic product.  Refrigerate after opening.
  • Organic lemon juice.  Don’t get the reclaimed from concentrate variety.  Shop for the pure organic.

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