“Carrot Juice”

There are so many incredible benefits to regularly drinking carrot juice that you absolutely must add this to your diet.  Regular juicing will give you much higher cumulative benefits.  As a fighter pilot, we were instructed to eat carrots and avoid smoking.  These were essentials for good eyesight, especially after sunset.  The other items in this list will have similar benefits.  However, don’t juice and store for later.  They should be consumed immediately.

  • carrots – 1 pound
  • apple – 1
  • celery – 2 stalks
  • fresh ginger root, about 1 tablespoon size.  Just keep a piece of fresh ginger on hand and cut off the amount needed daily.
  • key lime – 1
  • cayenne pepper – to taste

Optional additions (experiment with the following for taste and after effects):

  • red or white radish – 2 red or 2 inches of a white one.
  • bell pepper – 1
  • cauliflower – 1/3 cup
  • cabbage – 1/3 cup

Feed items in the juicer, add the juice of the lime or equivalent lemon and cayenne pepper, stir, enjoy.  There is no need to take off the skin or remove the seeds of anything listed above.  If you have some outer leaves of fresh cabbage, or the inner almost inedible stalk of the fresh cauliflower these are great ways to use them without tossing them out.

I have found some people suffer from flatulence with some of the items in the list above.  So be warned.


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