Juicer Ideas

I have included the juicer ideas here as an option and addition to breakfast, lunch or snack.  As I write this, a good friend has just lost 60 pounds in the last several months subsisting on these healthy juicer options.

Acquire a good quality juicer.  Depending on your budget, you should look for the highest wattage available and the easiest to clean.  Wattage and cutting blades will determine the amount of juice you get out of your vegetable selections.

As you fall in love with this very healthy was to get essential nutrients and enzymes, you can add or subtract items at will.  Enzymes are absolutely essential for good digestion and your best health.  The only way to get the enzymes that you most need to digest the foods you are eating, is to eat raw veggies and fruits.  This is no guarantee, but will give you the most chance of getting them.  Enzymes dissipate and die as food ages from picking.  It is also decimated when you aren’t getting food from an organic source.


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