Platano Maduro Fritos

  • Plantains (Platano) – 2.  Maduro means ready or ripe.  They have a very pleasant sweetness in this stage.  If they have black on the skins, this won’t affect the taste.  You may find them in your grocery as plantains or as Indian Banana’s.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut oil.

Peel Plantains, saving the peel for serving tray.  Slice lengthwise about 1/3 inch thick.  Fry (frito) in oil lightly browning each side.  Remove from oil and lay on the peel for exotic serving.  These are excellent with a variety of dishes in this guide book.  Especially delicious with black eye pea salad, Salmon (or other fresh broiled fish), or Ceviche de Camarones.

****This recipe provided by my wife, Monica.  We had known each other for well over a year when I first remember hearing her talk about plantains.  Having been born and raised in Colombia she must have assumed that every one everywhere knew how wonderful these taste and was most likely not believing I had never been introduced.  I am sure I have seen them in the better markets produce sections, but just thought they were strange looking banana’s.  Thankfully, she came to my ‘rescue’ and has taught me the joys of this wonderful edible.  I wonder what else she might be waiting to introduce me????


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