Meat Sauce Casserole

Many recipes I use can be variation on a simple theme.  They are all very unique and all can be made simply from some of the basic recipes listed.  The meat sauce used in the spaghetti, is wonderful in chili, spanish rice and in the following casserole.

  • Meat sauce – 1 – 2 quarts, (from meat sauce recipe earlier)
  • Squash – cleaned and sliced
  • Onion – brown – 1 chopped
  • rice – cooked (use from your left overs.  As an option, and you are in a hurry, use sliced cooked potato from your left overs.)
  • cheese spread – 6 ounces


Cook onions and squash in olive oil until 80% done.  Add the cooked rice and meat sauce.  Pour into a glass casserole.  Put cheese spread on top, sprinkle cayenne and put in a oven in the middle with oven set for broil.  Cook until the cheese sauce is almost browning and the dish is bubbling.  This should be 5-7 minutes in a preheated oven.  Serve with ice tea or beer.


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