Pork Ribs

The secrets in, “Some Men Can Cook, Some Men Can Watch TV and Some Men Can Do Both, Secrets of the Fighter Pilot In The Kitchen” are so very unique.  Each and every one will justify whatever you had to do to acquire this men’s only kitchen book.  This one alone could put you in business as a Rib Restaurant Extraordinaire.  The basic cooking and subsequent handling of the ribs is the secret.  They are incredible with a myriad of different serving suggestions and sauces.  I enjoy them without sauce as much as with many of the suggestions I will offer.

The best preparation begins at least one day prior to the desire to eat the ribs.  The reason is to make the meat so tender that it literally could be eaten by a toothless woman (or man).

  • Slab of fresh pork ribs – 1 per person.  If you enjoy ribs often, make up several slabs for later consumption.
  • Sea salt – to taste
  • Coarse Ground Black pepper – to taste
  • Garlic powder – to taste

Do not age pork.  Ever.  Get it as fresh as possible.  Some slabs will come to you with a portion of meat attached that obviously doesn’t belong to the ribs.  Using a meat cleaver, remove this portion so you have a nice square slab of meat.  The portion removed will be used in a different recipe.  (See Ribs with Kraut)

On a baking sheet pan, lay the slab and cover it liberally with the garlic, pepper and salt.  Remember, it is easier to add more salt later than it is to remove it.  But, it is tough to get too much.  Practice will make perfect.

Bake the ribs in a preheated oven at 375° for 20 minutes or until done.  Do not overcook.  Cool at room temperature.

The ribs may be served hot at this time if you haven’t prepared a day in advance.  They will not be as tender.  For tender ribs, freeze the slab in a freezer bag until ready to use.  (Try and use them the next day).  If you are making several batches, take care to freeze them in one portion sized bags.   Note:  you can cut the ribs before freezing if you prefer serving them already cut.

The morning before your rib feast, remove them and thaw at room temperature.  When all the side dishes are prepared and ready to serve, reheat the ribs at 325° until hot.  If you are adding sauce, slather the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce (see sauces) during the reheating cycle.


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