Camarones de Ajo (shrimp with garlic)

Incredibly easy to make and so good.  You can’t miss with this recipe.

  • Shrimp – fresh or frozen, peeled and deveined – 1 pound
  • Fresh garlic – 1-2 cloves, peeled and sliced paper thin
  • Olive oil – 1/2 cup
  • Fresh organic butter – 1/2 stick

Slowly heat the oil in a ceramic fry pan, add the garlic and shrimp and cook on low heat until the shrimp is done.  If you aren’t sure when they are done, they should loose the translucent quality and become white, with slight browning on the edges.

Serve over steamed rice.  Accompany with grilled asparagus or platinos de maduros.  I like to serve them on a hot grill platter, but just like in the dialogue on steak – be careful.  (Shown below on a colorful plate with maduros.)

Excerpt from, “Some Men Can Cook, Some Men Can Watch TV, and Some Men Can Do Both, Secrets of the Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen”.



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