Vibrant, yet Simple Salads

As a champion of whole food, I love a salad for lunch. As long as it does not contain anything resembling grains. This is a great blog!

Raw Food Made Easy

I always hesitate posting about a salad. For starters, I think many people assume that a raw food or plant based diet is just that: nothing but salads and “rabbit food,” as my husband likes to refer to it. Secondly, salads can be so many things that at times it seems silly to follow a recipe for one.

Having said that, this is more of a simple lunch creation I made the other day. I threw it together in no time, but it was oh so yummy and satisfying!

I’m not giving measurements, because that all depends on how much salad YOU want.

Baby spinach
Arugula (I used equal parts to the spinach)
Several sweet peppers chopped – green, red, orange and yellow (Costco!)
Hemp seeds
Dressing of choice

That’s it! Healthy, filling, delicious!


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