Coconut Flax Seed Crusted Fish Filet

Coconut flax seed crusted fish filet

During this time of year, with the Advent Fast, there are times when you either wish to have shrimp or fish prepared in a way that is healthy, tasty as well “fast fare”.  Plus, of course, bread and gluten free.  Here is the answer.  Use what ever is appropriate, either white fish filets or shrimp.

In a hot skillet, with 1/2 cup coconut oil, coat the pan side of the fish with shredded coconut.  On the top of the fish, sprinkle either fish blackening powder or some suitable salt spice alternative.  Coat the top side, while cooking, with flax seed and then cover with the coconut.

When turning the fish, be careful to not lose too much coconut coating on the pan.  Cook until fish is done and the coconut starts to brown.

If using shrimp, simply dip them in coconut/flax seed batter and fry in coconut oil skillet.


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