Effective Communications – The Fighter Pilots Guide

From Amazon: “Told from the perspective of a tactical fighter pilot and seasoned entrepreneur, you will relate to the author’s no nonsense approach.

Covered subjects include:
1) basic and improvement skills of communication
2) appearance
3) nonverbal & verbal
4) technology communications
5) conversation tips
6) public and group speaking

Whether you are an experienced executive or an aspiring superstar, you will benefit from this book!”

I have worked very hard to make this book short, sweet, and to the point.  It will be a great guide for many uses in your personal life, your marriage and your business world.  I hope you also consider giving this book as a gift – a graduation present or a special occasion.  Please consider offering your review on Amazon and also forwarding this on to your family and friends.  It will be beneficial to all!

This book is now available for Kindle pre-order on Amazon.  It will be available also this month in print version.  Many thanks to my editor, Rachel Beard, my cover designer, Valentina Faussone, and the digital editor, Brian Bees.  It is dedicated to the many warriors in my life, both military and business.

The Fighter Pilots Guide
 The Fighter Pilots Guide

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