Rules for Gentlemen

While out today at an upscale men’s clothing and tailoring store, I came across a very compelling framed “Rules for the Combatant Gentlemen”  I had to share it with you… “Stay Active, Stay Well Tailored, Stay Groomed, Dress Ambitiously, Welcome New Experiences, Work Smart, Work Hard, Under Promise – Over Deliver, Extend a Hand, Welcome … More Rules for Gentlemen

Effective Communications – The Fighter Pilots Guide

From Amazon: “Told from the perspective of a tactical fighter pilot and seasoned entrepreneur, you will relate to the author’s no nonsense approach. Covered subjects include: 1) basic and improvement skills of communication 2) appearance 3) nonverbal & verbal 4) technology communications 5) conversation tips 6) public and group speaking Whether you are an experienced … More Effective Communications – The Fighter Pilots Guide

Aviator origins

Read this with a bit of humor in your spirit.  Those of you who know an aviator will certainly find some truth in this.  It is borrowed from an email of a good friend who passed  it along. A little known fact is the origin of the word “aviator.”  In the immortal words of Johnny … More Aviator origins

New Cover – New Title – New Recipes

I couldn’t be more excited about this change.  It was well over due.  I really appreciate your inputs on my earlier post regarding the proposed change cover.  This one was created for me by a very special designer in Italy, Valentina Faussone,  Thank you to her for such an inspired design! Feel free to post your … More New Cover – New Title – New Recipes

Baked Eggplant

Ingredients: Medium size eggplant olive oil seasoning salt cayenne pepper Cut the green end off the eggplant, the cut it in half lengthwise.  Lightly oil a glass baking casserole (with lid).  Lay the eggplant cut side down.  Pour a light covering of olive oil over the exposed top of the eggplant.  Lightly sprinkle the seasoning … More Baked Eggplant