50 Years!

This has been a year to celebrate a number of 50 year anniversaries!  The number one 50 for me was graduating from high school.  Being a 69er was a really cool deal.  I was very glad to leave high school, as I remember hating school.  But, what a cool deal for me to return to Charles M Russell High School in Great Falls Montana and visit with some of the other outstanding grads.  And, to take my wife with me was a great joy.

Our reunion was July 19.  The following day, July 20, was the 50th anniversary of the moon walk of Apollo 11.  Two days later, I arrived at EAA’s awesome convention at Oshkosh, WI, which was also the 50th held there.


And of course, here comes Woodstock!  What a year of 50’s…


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