Simplified “30” day Food Consumption Program revised

This is a revision of the plan I first published Jan 2015.

I am still following the basic plan with the result being that my weight continues to stay about 30 pounds less than when I first started over 6 years ago!

My blood pressure has gone back up slightly, but I think it is due to the fact that my favorite drink is coffee and my favorite dessert snack are salted mixed nuts (no peanuts).

I have completely given up alcohol. I have also decided to completely eliminate eating legumes, which includes all beans and peanuts. Not only does this eliminate unneeded carbs, but it also eliminates the associated harmful effects of lectins.

My wife and I continue to eat things we like, including pizza and pasta. My favorite pizza is a cauliflower crust frozen pizza which I add olives, artichokes, green chili’s and cheese. My son gave me a Traeger grill which I use to cook the pizza with great effect!

My pasta of choice is made from brown rice, which I source from Trader Joe’s.

All in all, we continue to enjoy mealtime as we explore the many wonderful non processed, whole food options that God has provided us. I strongly urge you to start your journey with the original blog, or better yet, read the book, Wheat Belly, by Dr Davis.

My number one suggested supplement is Cardio Miracle, which you can order here. use this code for a discount of 15%.

I also strongly suggest that you consider using water that is alive, by adding this simple product to your purified drinking water. X20 information here. Order the product here: Xooma water.

All of my original recipes are still available in this blog and in my book, Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen, available on Amazon: Phil Brewer

Here is the link to the previous blog that so dramatically helped a coworker loose over 30 pounds in 90 days.


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