Date Bread – Gluten Free

Gluten Free (Sugar Free*) Date Bread Dry: •1 1/3 cups almond flour •1/3 cup flaxseed flour • 1/2 cup date paste •1 tsp baking powder •1/2 tsp baking soda •1/2 tsp cream of tartar •1/4 tsp vanilla •1/2 tsp stevia (optional – add 2 tbsp molasses or sorghum) •2 tsp ground cinnamon •1/2 tsp sea … More Date Bread – Gluten Free


Super simple green banana chips

Green bananas have amazingly different nutritional properties from the ripened yellow banana.  Essentially, they contain a type of food starch that cannot be broken down by the enzymes in your digestive system.  That action helps block sugar uptake, making them beneficial to folks wanting extra Vitamin B6, potassium and other nutrients, without the glycemic boost from … More Super simple green banana chips

Irish Cream Popze

There are many brands of Irish Cream that can be used for this recipe.  Or you can make your own.  Following should be enough to make 4 Popze’s: 100 ml heavy cream (or half in half) 100 ml Irish Cream mix by shaking, then pour in Popze molds with stand.  Leave 3/4 inch at the … More Irish Cream Popze

Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen USA Flag Apron Grill – Kitchen – Proud to Be an American…

  Our newest offering!  This is the coolest apron.  It is light, durable, stylish and functional.  You will be the hit at any party with this apron.  We had this apron exclusively designed for Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen products with our aviator wings proudly emblazoned on the left side of the chest.  While the … More Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen USA Flag Apron Grill – Kitchen – Proud to Be an American…

August Health Rant

(Written in honor of turning a healthy and active – 63). Frankly, I would get nervous if more people took my advice.  Honestly, when advice is bad, it seems like it is more appealing.  I will never understand that, but the older I get, the more I realize that people simply avoid good guidance. I … More August Health Rant