August Health Rant

(Written in honor of turning a healthy and active – 63).

Frankly, I would get nervous if more people took my advice.  Honestly, when advice is bad, it seems like it is more appealing.  I will never understand that, but the older I get, the more I realize that people simply avoid good guidance.

I have many acquaintances and friends that seem all too eager to announce their latest negative medical condition.  I am sure much of it has to do with popular media.  And a good bit of it is simply the need to get what to them, seems to be honest and wholesome attention.

First the media.  Why does the media wish to fill peoples heads with nonsense regarding everything from health and safety to money and investing?  Multiple reasons, is my answer.  Simplistically, it sells.  And secondarily, the people that own and control it make money off the fear mongering associated with negative advice.

I am very thankful that I was able to be open to a book about health many years ago.  I was open to it mostly because it was written as research by some one other than a medical doctor.  It was full of no nonsense statistical data.

Having read it, I immediately adopted some of the very simple advice and started telling friends and family.  To the best of my knowledge, none of them has followed any of the advice.

I read another book last year that rocked my nutritional world.  I absolutely couldn’t wait to try the recommendations and was immediately rewarded with astounding changes in my health and physique.  I simply was amazed!

I quit eating all wheat products as a result of the recommendations, and also limited my intake of most carbs and sugars.  One of my favorite things in the morning is a good cup of “joe”, with cream and honey.  I gave up the honey as well.

Within 3 months from beginning this simple regimen, my blood pressure dropped, without any medication from 160+/ 110 to 105/67.  My weight dropped from 205 to 180, I lost 4 inches in my waist, my depressive moods (almost completely) disappeared, my need for naps went away, my hair quit falling out and turned back from grey and I am not hungry constantly.

Pretty amazing results from something so simple.  So, when I hear of acquaintances that have many of the same symptoms that I just shared, I feel compelled to offer them my advice.  But, instead, they shake their heads sadly and mutter something so crazy as, “I just couldn’t give up my _____________.”

Oh, I get it.  You wish to have your malady.  As, maybe that makes you more ‘normal’.  Obviously, I am astonished.  But, I think I would be more astonished if they actually followed this advice.

OK.  here it is again.  First, read the book, Wheat Belly, by Dr Davis.  Then read the book, World Without Cancer by G Edward Griffin.  Start thinking alternatives to the lunacy offered by “trained medical” advisors.  Suspect that there is an alternative motive to their advice.  Maybe there is an agenda that fills their pocket books and bank accounts, more than your actual health.  Realize the dangers of taking medications.  They are almost always a poison.  Avoid being maimed and cut on.  Avoid “routine” medical tests that have virtually no veracity and fill your head with fear.

And, maybe, consider that you are going to some day die.  Nobody escapes that.  So, live full and healthy, without the complications of medically induced diseases.  Take control of your own God given good health.  You can take charge.  You were engineered and built to live well.

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