August Health Rant

(Written in honor of turning a healthy and active – 63). Frankly, I would get nervous if more people took my advice.  Honestly, when advice is bad, it seems like it is more appealing.  I will never understand that, but the older I get, the more I realize that people simply avoid good guidance. I … More August Health Rant


Glutathione Benefits

⇓ Increases Energy Slows the aging process Reduces muscle & joint discomfort Strengthens immune system Detoxifies the liver & cells Improves mental focus & clarity Improves quality of sleep Reduces the effects of stress Improves the skin Improves athletic performance Improves recovery from exercise  

Wheat Free comments

I seem to be one of those kind of people that when I discover something, I want the world to know.  Maybe you are that way.  Maybe not.  I discovered by accident, one year ago, a book titled, “Wheat Belly“.  It was by a heart surgeon and I purchased it on kindle.  It was a … More Wheat Free comments

Carrot Patty’s

Very similar to the wheat free pancakes earlier posted.  Again, the use of carrot (and other veggies) is the basis for the fibrous taste. 1 egg2 tablespoons cream cheese1 tablespoon yogurt1 tablespoon feta 1 cup carrot pulp Using a hand mixer, mix until well mixed. Cook like pancake using olive oil. After turning cover with grated … More Carrot Patty’s