From www.history.com …”General Douglas MacArthur and other top military commanders favored continuing the conventional bombing of Japan already in effect and following up with a massive invasion, codenamed “Operation Downfall.” They advised Truman that such an invasion would result in U.S. casualties of up to 1 million….” As a USAF Viet Nam era pilot, son of a USAF Chaplain, … More Apologize?

Rules for Gentlemen

While out today at an upscale men’s clothing and tailoring store, I came across a very compelling framed “Rules for the Combatant Gentlemen”  I had to share it with you… “Stay Active, Stay Well Tailored, Stay Groomed, Dress Ambitiously, Welcome New Experiences, Work Smart, Work Hard, Under Promise – Over Deliver, Extend a Hand, Welcome … More Rules for Gentlemen