Secrets of Shopping – General Tips

  • Shopping lists are great – but not required.
  • Buy in bulk when possible. (i.e. Costco)
  • Avoid the major grocery stores.
  • Go to the small markets, especially health conscious stores. (Whole Foods, Trader-Jo’s and the like.)
  • Try and avoid shopping with a hungry stomach.
  • Learn to read and understand the ingredients lists.
  • Avoid foods that contain ingredients that look like they could also be on the ingredient list of wall paint.  If you can’t recognize them or pronounce them, they are almost all deadly.
  • Avoid the following except in extreme circumstances:
    • Corn, corn oil, corn syrup, well, you get the idea. (Occasionally, satisfy your munchies with a good pan popped organic popcorn, flavored with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt)
    • Bleached ingredients.  Come on, think about bleach….
    • Wheat and wheat flour.  Yep, you can avoid it.
    • Sugars, except for cane sugar.
    • Never, ever use artificial anything.  Especially artificial sweeteners.
  • Buy foods that are not microwavable dishes.  Except for a rare treat, you are preparing a meal from ingredients, so it becomes your creation.  Unique to you!!
  • You will eat better, healthier and usually less if you prepare it from individual ingredients.
  • Buy organic.
  • Buy fresh or frozen.
  • If possible, keep a garden.  Fresh herbs are a great treat.  Otherwise, buy from a farmer or farmers market fresh foods.  There is no comparison to a tomato from a garden versus one that is in the ‘fresh’ produce section.
  • Recognize that the body requires 97 nutrients or you will have dis – ease.  So, maintain a good balance of food.
  • Plan on spending some of your budget on a good high quality multi vitamin.  You definitely do not want to skimp on vitamins.
  • Avoid most bottled beverages, except beer, wine and alcohol.  If you want a sweet drink, make it from ingredients, like tea etc.
  • Avoid any kind of powdered drink mix.

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