Wheat Free comments

I seem to be one of those kind of people that when I discover something, I want the world to know.  Maybe you are that way.  Maybe not.  I discovered by accident, one year ago, a book titled, “Wheat Belly“.  It was by a heart surgeon and I purchased it on kindle.  It was a … More Wheat Free comments


Scrambled eggs

Fresh organic eggs – 2+ Break the eggs in a small bowl.  The nice thing about using a bowl is it is much easier to get any shell out that might have gone in with the eggs.  Beat with a fork.  Pour into a frying pan and stir until done.  For a change of texture,  … More Scrambled eggs

Secrets of Shopping – General Tips

Shopping lists are great – but not required. Buy in bulk when possible. (i.e. Costco) Avoid the major grocery stores. Go to the small markets, especially health conscious stores. (Whole Foods, Trader-Jo’s and the like.) Try and avoid shopping with a hungry stomach. Learn to read and understand the ingredients lists. Avoid foods that contain … More Secrets of Shopping – General Tips