A Brighter, Empty Distance

Ethiopia. Wow, what a journey. We enjoyed a wonderful week of incredible variety. Meeting Patrick and his friend Shikka was truly a pleasure. Our experience took us to northern Ethiopia and the Christian community of Lalibela. A must on any travelers radar. But this posting leaves me wishing I had gone south as well. So many places to go and so little time.

Leave The Boots

DSC_0653 Burnt dirt. Sourness and fermentation. An intoxicating rot from something that was new not so long ago.

From the hilltop, the rattles and cries had cascaded down in search of the riverbank, bouncing off trees and sifting through smoke and brush. Earlier, goats and cattle, their adorned shepherds, and women peering under darkened, ochre brows crisscrossed roads only occasionally disturbed by vehicles.

The route had turned from chopped up rocky trails to a dry riverbed prone to flash floods during the rainy season. Empty, it was like traveling across a landlocked beach, tires sinking and spinning, struggling for traction and momentum.

I remember a movie – maybe it was Excalibur, maybe Gladiator. There was a scene where an advancing army encountered, first, only the dull howls of unseen enemies. Through a smoky, violet haze, just the cries could be felt underneath deep, intense horns blowing. And though the…

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