Tuna Cauliflower Casserole (Tuna mac without the wheat)


  • tuna in water – drained – 2 cans  – 6 oz
  • cauliflower -1 head  – cooked and drained
  • cream cheese – 6 ounces
  • yogurt – 6 ounces
  • slivered almonds – 1/4 cup
  • sliced green olives – 1/4 cup
  • red pepper gouda cheese sliced – 2
  • cayenne pepper – 1/4 tsp
  • olive oil
Cook cauliflower in pressure cooker 2 minutes after cooker rattles.
In a glass casserole dish with lid, generously oil with the olive oil, then combine all ingredients except sliced gouda.  Toss lightly until mixed. Top with the gouda and bake at 350 approximately 20 minutes. Casserole should be bubbling. Remove lid and bake an additional 5 minutes to brown the cheese slightly.
Should serve 4.
The advantage here is the lack of high glycemic content carbs from either rice or potatoes. Of course, the big advantage is a great easy dish similar to tuna mac without the wheat pasta.
Optional, eliminate pepper and/or olives. Another option, replace cooked cauliflower with 4 green squash, quartered into bite size pieces and fried with (or without) 1/2 yellow onion.

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